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The Vanier Institute of the Family

About Us

Vision/Mission and Core Values

The Vision of the Vanier Institute of the Family is
to make families as important to the life of Canadian society
as they are to the lives of individual Canadians


To create awareness of, and to provide leadership on, the importance and strengths of families in Canada and the challenges they face in their structural, demographic, economic, cultural and social diversity.

Information from the Institute’s research, consultation and policy development is conveyed through advocacy, education and communications vehicles to elected officials, policy makers, educators and researchers, the business community, the media, social service professionals, the public and Canadian families themselves.

Core Values

We at the Vanier Institute of the Family are committed to the core values of trust, dedication, integrity, empathy, and respect as we work toward the accomplishment of our mission and the achievement of our vision.

We practice our commitment to:

TRUST, in that we believe that each of us has our, and the Institute’s, best interests at heart; are confident in our abilities and actions;

DEDICATION, in that we strive for excellence in all we do; nurture partnerships and collaborations; work as a team;

INTEGRITY, in that we keep our promises and honour our commitments and are open and accountable for our actions;

EMPATHY, in that we care for one another; hear and honour others’ opinions and perspectives; are supportive of each other;

RESPECT, in that we treat others with dignity and compassion; are open and honest with ourselves and with others; value our strengths and honour our differences; encourage opportunity and personal growth.

We are furthermore guided by the principles of equity, flexibility and accountability. We treat each other with fairness (equity); we are responsive and open to adapting to changing circumstances and situations (flexibility); we are responsible for our projects and commitments and we promote responsibility through empowerment (accountability).

As an organization pursuing its vision and mission, the Vanier Institute of the Family values:

FAMILIES as active agents of change in their personal, social and cultural environments;

LEARNING AND KNOWLEDGE built on evidence and facts as the foundation of reflection and balanced perspective;

INDEPENDENCE to speak with and on behalf of Canadians as a non-partisan and non-aligned voice for the nation’s families;

and, finally,

LOVE as the only genuine force that binds individuals together in pursuit of common purpose and meaningful lives lived with and for others.

Our Approach to Family

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