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The University of Oxford Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Centre provides short courses, certificates, diplomas and masters degrees across a wide range of professional disciplines for students in the UK and overseas.

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Throughout its history the University of Oxford has played a central part in the religious history of the nation. Duns Scotus, William of Ockham and John Wycliffe were among the leading Oxford theologians of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. Again, during the religious and political ferment of the Reformation, Oxford played a central role in events, witnessing the martyrdom of Thomas Cranmer, Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley. Anglicanism was shaped by Oxford scholars such as Richard Hooker and William Lau. The founder of Methodism, John Wesley, was a Fellow of Lincoln College, while John Henry Newman, John Keble and Edward Pusey, in what came to be called the Oxford Movement, sought to draw the Victorian Church away from Englightment rationalism.

To-day, Oxford continues to play an important part in the religious affairs of the world. The late Cardinal Basil Hume, David Jenkins (former Bishop of Durham) and the Most Rev. Timothy Radcliffe (Master of the Order of Dominicans) are among recent religious leaders who studied at Oxford. The Theology faculty of the University of Oxford comprises over fifty members, is throughly ecumenical in character, and continues to exert its influence in the University and beyond.

The University of Oxford Summer Program in Theology offers high-level theology courses to an informed international audience. Participants will be acccommodated in Christ Church, originally founded by Cardinal Thomas Wolsey in 1525. Christ Church is one of the largest and most beautiful of Oxford’s colleges. It is also unique in that Christ Church cathedral forms a common foundation with the college. Christ Church comprises buildings and quadrangles of outstanding architectural beauty covering a range of periods and styles. Among them is the sixteenth century Hall, in which all meals are taken, and Christopher Wren’s Tom Tower, crowning the entrance to the Great Quad. The seminar program itself will be held at the University’s Examination Schools, a nineteenth-century building about a five minute walk from Christ Church on the city’s High Street, commonly known as ‘The High’.

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