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Scotland, UK
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The University of Edinburgh School of Divinity

One of the largest centres for the study of theology and religious studies in the UK

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Current Research Activity in the School of Divinity

New College: a Research Community

Academic research lies at the heart of the School of Divinity and New College houses a thriving research community. All of our academic staff are engaged upon their individual research and writing projects and many are also involved in our three research centres or in a range of collaborative projects with colleagues in this university or throughout the world.

New College provides the location for the dissemination of research ideas and results through its series of public lectures, such as the prestigious Gifford Lectures, and its extensive programme of research seminars. The large graduate school and the presence of visiting academics from around the world, some of whom are working in our magnificent library and archive collections, help ensure a diverse and stimulating research environment for us all.

Research Centres

The three research centres based in the School of Divinity are:

Centre for the Study of Christianity in the Non-Western World

Centre for Theology and Public Issues

Centre for the Study of Christian Origins

Research Projects

There are several active research projects in the School of Divinity, some of which are cross-disciplinary, and all of which act as centres of excellence for their subjects. Some also offer important source material and other texts for download. Those represented on the www are:

Media and Theology Project

Collection of Scottish Letters

Edinburgh Ras Shamra Project

African Christianity Project

Missionary Collections in the UK

Methodist Missionary Society History Project

Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database

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