Trinity Institute

74 Trinity Place
New York NY 10006
Phone: (212) 602-0800

Trinity Institute:

Trinity Institute is a continuing education program of Trinity Church, Wall Street, New York, for clergy and laity.

Founded to provide theological renewal for clergy in the Episcopal Church, the Institute has sponsored an annual National Conference for over 30 years.

During its second decade, the focus of the Institute widened to include the work of theologians of emergent and divergent thought, strongly encouraging the participation of women and minorities. Its programs were increasingly opened to lay people.

Now in its third decade, the Institute has become a think tank exploring pieces of the post-modern puzzle, trying to make sense out of a new epistemological model. Over the past twelve years, the Institute’s conferences have been broadcast over the Episcopal Cathedral Teleconferencing Network (ECTN) to hundreds of downlinks across the United States.

Currently through the advances in technology, conferences are steamed on the internet.

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