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Trinity College/University of Toronto:

Goals of the Faculty of Divinity at Trinity College:

The primary purpose of the Faculty of Divinity of Trinity College is to provide education for Christian ministry, whether in Holy Orders or in other forms of ministry. Such education demands both the pursuit of knowledge in the various theological disciplines, and supervised participation in the practice of ministry in various settings – parishes, hospitals, agencies for social justice and urban change, prisons, and other ministries.

The College seeks to provide the opportunity for learning in the basic areas of theology in the light of their historical development and contemporary application. It undertakes to provide pastoral experience by means of supervised field education as a related and integral part of the student’s whole course of study. This manner of education is believed to be necessary for the student seeking ordination to a pastoral ministry, and useful for the student preparing for other forms of ministry in the Christian community.

The College recognizes, however, that the ultimate responsibility for ordination rests not with itself, but with the bishop or other church authorities concerned. Upon the request of church authorities the College may recommend students for ordination.

The College also serves students who do not wish to prepare for any specific form of ministry but desire an education in theological studies.

Academic Programs in Divinity

We offer our programs as a means of educating people for ministry in the Church and society. Several degrees and diploma programs are offered, focused either on lay or ordained service, to accommodate the goals of a variety of students. We invite you most warmly to share in our life over the next few years and beyond.

Basic Degrees

Advanced Degrees

Diploma Programs

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Trinity College is a member of the Toronto School of Theology.

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