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Theological Formation for Youth Ministry 





Trailblazing is not a ‘dip your toes in to get a good idea for what you need for next week’s gathering’ or a ‘go online and find some ready-made plans for the confirmation weekend’. (but after you’ve started it, your confirmation classes will never be the same!)


Trailblazing is a journey we’d like to invite you on.

It will take some time and effort on your part, but if you’re serious about good youth ministry, we think the journey will be worth it. There are a lot of people all over Canada (and possibly the world) on this journey with you. You’ll meet many of them along the way and probably chat and share ideas and learning with them.


Trailblazing is an online learning program to equip YOU as a youth leader with solid theological grounding for all aspects of your ministry.

It’s a series of learning modules or ‘trails’ for you to follow through readings, videos, music, reflections and discussions. It assumes you have no background in theology, but you really want to do good and meaningful ministry in whatever context you work with youth. It’s also for you if you have some theological background, but want to hone your skills in applying theological reflection to how you do youth ministry.


Trailblazing is an incredible tool for individuals or groups!

You can take part in the program as in individual and participate actively in the online forums. You might choose to gather more formally with a group of people (perhaps one evening per week, or for a weekend training event) in your area. Together, you’ll deepen the learning experience through face-to-face shared conversation and reflection. Your parish or diocese might even consider hiring one of the course instructors to facilitate an in-person workshop on a topic that’s important to your context.

Lastly, the idea for the Trailblazing title came from a walk on the Bruce Trail in southwestern Ontario. The path was marked with distinctive white markers to let walkers know they are still on the path. The trail is a combination of meadows, rich fertile fields, steep climbs, big cliffs and spectacular new views around every corner. It seemed the perfect metaphor for a learning program that we hope will change the way you live your faith and lead youth. Grab your hiking boots and join us to blaze new trails in youth ministry in Canada.

Blue markers on the trail indicate side paths to interesting destinations. In the same way, ‘side trails’ in these learning modules will take you temporarily off the main trail to discover or go deeper with related ideas. 

Trailblazing is not a youth ministry resource, or a bunch of good program activities you can do with youth. (though it contains many excellent things to implement in your context).




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