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Thorneloe University

A University of the Anglican Communion…federated with Laurentian Univeristy

Thorneloe University was founded by the Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Algoma, to be a church-related university in the Laurentian University Federation based in Sudbury, and serving Northern Ontario. It received its university charter from the government of Ontario in 1961, began teaching in the Laurentian Federation in 1962, and finished its inaugural building on the Laurentian University campus in 1963.


Thorneloe is a university of the Anglican Communion, and a member of the world-wide body of Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion (CUAC). However students and faculty of Thorneloe come from many backgrounds, and membership or affiliation with the church is not expected of either students, faculty, or staff.

Overview of the Programmes

Thorneloe provides two basic areas of study: humanities and theology.


Thorneloe contributes four departments to the regional Laurentian University. In doing so, Thorneloe acts as a college of Laurentian University, ie. Thorneloe College.

Religious Studies:

Its first priority is the teaching of Religious Studies in a department shared with the other church-related universities on the Laurentian campus. Religious Studies at Thorneloe focuses particularly on Western Religious Thought and on contemporary issues of Religion and Modern Culture. Topics covered by Thorneloe courses include Christian Thought, Biblical Studies, Women, Religion and Spirituality, and Religion and Literature.

Classical Studies:

Its second area of teaching is Classical Studies. The aim of Classical Studies is to explore and examine critically the civilization and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. Students are introduced to the ideas, principles, and accomplishments of ancient civilization by studying Greek and Roman mythology, literature, art, philosophy, and history.

Women’s Studies:

In the mid 1970’s through issues related to the ordination of women in the Anglican Church, Thorneloe began teaching Women’s Studies. This programme re-examines the premises of traditional thought about women and their place in society. Women’s Studies tries to provide solid academic answers to questions raised by women and men exposed to the women’s movement.

Theatre Arts:

Thorneloe also began to promote the introduction of drama on the Laurentian campus, and has created a programme in Theatre Arts. The objective of the Theatre Arts Programme at Thorneloe is to introduce each student to the discipline, creativity and “magic” of theatre in all of its social and intellectual dimensions. There is now an interdisciplinary Interarts B.F.A. programme between Theatre Arts, Music, and Visual Arts, utilizing the resources of Cambrian College, Huntington University, Laurentian University, and Thorneloe University.


Thorneloe University offers two programmes in Theology. For these studies, Thorneloe has degree granting privileges and as such may be called Thorneloe University.

The Diploma in Theology (A.Th., Associate in Theology) of Thorneloe University is designed for lay persons who are interested in increasing their knowledge and appreciation of Christian belief and practice.

The Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) is an undergraduate programme intended primarily for mature students who are pursuing training in theology or ministry

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