Theological Education for the Anglican Communion (TEAC)

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Theological Education for the Anglican Communion:


Theological Education for the Anglican Communion (TEAC)is a working group of the Anglican Communion which has been established by the Anglican Primates to make recommendations and practical proposals to strengthen theological education within the life of the Anglican Communion. Over the last couple of years theological education has been a key item on the agenda of the Primates meetings, and this has led to the formation of TEAC (emerging from an earlier working group).

The aim is:

To deliver a well-focused challenge to be a Communion of Christians who read the Bible together in the fullest awareness of who, when and where we are;

To strengthen the sense of why we are Anglicans and what sort of Church we want

To make clear suggestions as to how theological education can be delivered with appropriate professionalism and ecumenical alertness;

To create a culture of teaching and learning in the faith community because all Anglican Christians need some kind of theological education.

Coordinator: Ms Clare Amos

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