The Beecken Center of The School of Theology

335 Tennessee Avenue

The Beecken Center (formerly the Programs Center) of The School of Theology at The University of the South is a center for continuing Christian education and formation for the entire Episcopal Church. In partnership with the seminary and the college, and in partnership with many other entities throughout the Church, The Beecken Center is a training destination for those who want to found and nurture ministries, vocational discernment, leadership development and continuing theological education.

One of the greatest challenges and responsibilities we currently face as a religious tradition in the United States is one of cultivating a new generation in the Christian faith, the majority of whom, for the first time in our country’s history, often live their spiritual lives largely outside the ecology of the church and have little experience of Christian community, practice, story, or belief.

The School of Theology’s Beecken Center is actively addressing this issue by developing programs to attract and equip diverse, multi-generational adults for leadership in the Episcopal Church and in the world.

The Beecken Center’s flagship program is Education for Ministry (EfM), the venerable theological education curriculum soon to celebrate its 40th year. The group process culture and superb model of mentoring developed by EfM is the foundation of The Beecken Center’s mission and network of programs.

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