Tatamagouche Centre

RR 3
Tatamagouche BOK 1VONS
Fax: (902) 657-3445
Toll-free: 1-800-218-2220

Tatamagouche Centre:

Tatamagouche Centre is an Education and Retreat Centre;

Which invites and challenges;

People from diverse backgrounds;

To Personal wholeness;

Right Relationships;

Respect for creation;

Justice in the world.


Spiritual Growth Stream and Self Discovery Stream; Social Transformation Stream; Congregational Life Stream.


Focus on a particular theme or concerns of a group

The Atlantic Jubilee Program:

Intensive, ecumenical, home based program in spiritual guidance and spiritual deepening

Sponsor: Seton Spirituality Centre

Sabbaticals for women

Community of Writers

Guatemala Partnership:

Human rights and community development

Christian Leadership Education Program (CLE):

Areas of Study: Bible; Theology; Spiritual Growth; Participation in Groups

CLE Newsletter

Lnapskuk Project:

Initiative to promote peace, justice and mutuality between First Nations and non-Aboriginal peoples in communities, churches and organizations in the Maritimes

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