Stewart House Learning Centre

Stewart House 6 Epworth Avenue
NepeanONK2G 2L5
Phone: (613) 224-5318 Ext. 19
Fax: (613) 224-5620

Stewart House Learning Centre:

About Us:

Stewart House is a learning center of the United Church of Canada serving an area extending from the New Brunswick/Quebec border in the east, south along the Seaway Valley into Ontario, west to Belleville and Oshawa, and north to Manitoulin Island, Refrew and the Ottawa Valley area.

We develop and produce high quality, affordable programming for congregations, communities and regions which reflect and support the values of our church commuity, and look beyond ourselves to help meet the spiritual needs of:

-lay Christians
-individuals on the periphery of the Christian church
-members of other mainline denominations
-and other faith groups, including Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Native American and Hindu

We do this in manner that honors the diversity of God’s people, and respects the integrity of the traditions from which we come.

Our prospectus includes the development of:

-on-line educational opportunities
-corporate consulting for developing spirit at work
-events bringing well-known international speakers to the Canadian circuit
-weekend residential retreats
-day sessions on topics of community interest-drumming workshops, sacred music,labyrinth walking, Bible study, bereavement courses, parenting, youth and leadership development courses
-“Toolkit” programs for the faithful and effective operations of congregations and other faith groups: elders workshop, planned giving, visioning, joint needs assessment, trusteeship, finance/treasurer workshop, pastoral care, outreach, ethics, dealing with congregational conflict, chairing with confidence, organizing a vaction Bible school.

Our programing is responsive as well as proactive. Based on surveys of our market, and the personal feedback of participants, we offer innovative, high quality programs to support the growth and development of a culture of purpose under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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