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St. Stephen’s University

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A university where you can study the classics, travel the world and worship the One.

About SSU


People sometimes ask us – “Are you a bible school?” The answer is, no. But defining ourselves by who we are not doesn’t really say much about who we are.

We are a christian university. What does that mean? It means we are followers of Jesus who participate together in providing the best university education money can buy. It means we welcome students and faculty/staff from all streams of the Christian faith. It means we are the kind of place where you can come as you are and become the best version of yourself–intellectually, spiritually, practically and relationally.


We offer a premier liberal arts education with study abroad at its core. Unlike large, impersonal universities, St. Stephen’s University is a close-knit, Christ-centered community where friendships and fun blend with an education that teaches you to think, to communicate, and to engage with God and the world.

Our student body is intentionally small (under 150 students), so that every one of our students can be their own person, not a number. Studying, worshiping, cooking, cleaning, and traveling together fosters close relationships among students, faculty, and staff, which in turn promotes a maturity of character and faith that expresses itself both inside and outside the classroom.


St. Stephen’s University is located in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada.

Our primary buildings are perched on a hill overlooking the St. Croix River–the international border between Canada and the United States. Four hundred years ago, French explorers gave this great waterway the name, “St. Croix.” Samuel de Champlain and Sieur DeMonts believed they recognized the fingerprint of God in the local landscape. We like the fact that they decided to designate the great river after the Cross of Christ. In 1604-05, the French established what would become the first European settlement in North America, north of Florida–just a short distance from the SSU campus.


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