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Founded in 2000, the English Speaking St. Nicholas Society is a sister organisation to the Sint Niklaas Genootschap, headquartered in Flemish Belgium. Another branch exists in the Netherlands.

It is the goal of the society to increase interest, learning, and appreciation of the tradition of St. Nicholas, Patron saint of children, pawnbrokers and sailors, as the gift-giver, and the true and only Santa Claus/Father Christmas.

The society is not opposed to celebrations, gift-giving or other holiday activities, but it does encourage a sanity in the amount of gifts bought and exchanged as well as allowing Christmas to remain a day of Christian celebration. There is no need for the secularized Santa Claus/Father Christmas when St. Nicholas, who was born in 260 AD and died December 6, 343 AD, provides a perfect model for care and gift giving. Santa is a commercial invention. St. Nicholas is a servant of Christ and an example for us all to enjoy and emulate.

The society believes that St. Nicholas helps young and old see what the true spirit of Advent and Christmas can be for us all, especially for those who find the holidays very stressful.

It is the society’s hope that Jolly Old St. Nicholas will become, once again, in English speaking parts of the world, a focus of celebration in his true identity. The December 6 festival can provide a good chance for a less hectic approach to December 25.

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