South American Mission Society (UK)

Registered Office Allen Gardiner Cottage Pembury Road
Tunbridge Wells Kent TN2 3QU

South American Mission Society (UK):

Partners in God’s purposes with the Churches of the Anglican Communion in South America, Spain and Portugal.

Who Are We?

A mission agency that, as our name suggests, has long worked in close partnership with the Anglican Church of the Southern Cone of Latin America, and some dioceses of the Episcopal Church of Brazil.

In the 1980’s two historic European churches with strong links with South America, the tiny but growing Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church and the Lusitanian Church of Portugal, also asked us to work alongside them.

We week to help the Churches of England and Wales and the Scottish Episcopal Church to become linked with the Churches of South America, Brazil, Spain and Portugal.

Our role is changing from that of a traditional sending agency to becoming part of multiway international mission.

We work together with the members of the Partnership for World Mission and other agencies involved in Latin America.

We are a voluntary agency and depend almost entirely from live giving, some 60% coming from our Link parishes and the balance from individuals.

Mission Opportunities:

Following the Spirit:

The changing scene in the UK means we have to be much more flexible in how we respond to new ways of being involved in God’s mission to the world.

1. Local churches are wanting much more hands-on involvement. Individuals are wanting much more instant access.

2. The shrinking world means more direct involvement and communication.

3. Agencies are asking how we change to become a relevant inspiration, help and support to all the local church wants in this exciting time of change.

What SAMS GB has to share is a participation in world mission through the eyes of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking church.

SAMS GB is invited to share in the priority areas identified by the church overseas.


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