Society for Biblical Studies (The)

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The Society For Biblical Studies

The Society for Biblical Studies is a non-profit organization that seeks to make a difference in the life of the Church by enabling clergy and lay people to study the Bible and the mission of the Church in the context of the lands of the Bible. S.B.S. designs and delivers programs of study and service for groups and individuals in the countries of the Mediterranean Sea and in the U.S.A.

Our Mission

We seek to reform biblical scholarship by making it accessible, relevant and useful to the broader church. We seek to redeem the idea of pilgrimage from commercial sightseeing. We seek to involve clergy and lay people in mission and contextual Bible study. We seek the renewal of a vigorous biblical faith. We are ecumenical, interfaith and inclusive. We invite you to participate in a ministry of reconciliation, to reach out across geographical, religious, ethnic and cultural boundaries to new horizons of mission. We are dedicated to socially responsible travel.


Mission Fields:

Immersion Experiences

Fact Finding, Solidarity, Witness, and Advocacy


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