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Social Justice Connection

About us

The mission of  Social Justice Connection is to

Analyze the underlying structural and global causes of poverty, human rights violations and other social injustices.

Contribute to informed popular participation in order to eliminate these injustices.

Work in solidarity to transform our world into a just society.

“I thank the Social Justice Committee of Montreal for your solidarity in the work for justice. Your fraternal support is a powerful voice of encouragement to us in our defense of the most sacred human rights.”

– Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, El Salvador, 10 March 1980

The Social Justice Connection believes that social and economic change is essential for the creation of a sustainable world and that each person has the right and the responsibility to participate in the process because international development is more than charity – it is about justice.

The central focuses of the SJC

In collaboration with like minded organizations, the SJC works for global economic justice, especially canceling “Third World” debt – unjust foreign debt carried by so many impoverished countries; Human rights abuse, especially in Central America and Mexico, in solidarity with people who are striving to build democratic, just, and environmentally healthy societies.

Join us in the struggle for positive economic and social change!

Social Justice Connection achieves its goals with education and advocacy: Through education, as well as sharing our understanding of how Western lifestyles, governments, and institutions have an impact upon the lives of citizens of Third World countries, we help individuals and organizations become more actively involved in bringing about a more just global society. We provide public speakers, audio-visual material and interactive presentations as well as develop unique and effective popular education tools. The SJC advocacy program engages policy makers at the national and international levels with continuous participation in and initiation of campaigns on behalf of, and with, the poor of the Third World.

The work of Social Justice Connection is carried out by its:


permanent staff and

board of directors


The work of the SJC is made possible by people like you, our members.





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