Seton Spirituality Centre

Seton Spirituality Centre
Terence BayNSB3T 2C6
Phone: (902) 852-4212
Fax: (902) 852-1252

Seton Spirituality Centre

Seton Spirituality Centre is nestled in a rustic setting about half an hour’s drive from Halifax, overlooking the ocean and just minutes from the shores of Terence Bay. The Centre provides a place of quiet and stillness conducive to prayer and reflection.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Seton Spirituality Centre is to enable persons of any faith to discover the creative action of God in their lives.

The Centre provides an atmosphere of quiet and hospitality conducive to prayer.

Rooted in Gospel values and characterized by holistic spirituality, the Centre fosters the integration of faith and justice.


Responding to the particular needs of our society, Seton Spirituality Centre is rooted in the mission and values of the Sisters of Charity, showing forth the love of God. Through our programs, we strive to enable others to develop a sensitivity toward those whom the world oppresses, to right in great ways or small the injustices we see around us, to heal the wounds of the embittered, to speak peace to the troubled, to urge the mighty to right wrongs, that all may bring the compassion of Christ to our world.

The Centre staff, comprised of Sisters of Charity, is supported in its mission by numerous professionals who provide programs for the Centre.




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