Salal + Cedar

Salal + Cedar
Diocese of New Westminster, 1410 Nanton Avenue
Vancouver BC V6H 2E2


Salal + Cedar

What is Salal + Cedar?

Rooted in place, tradition and history, Salal + Cedar is a ministry of the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster that strives to be accessible to all bodies.

We meet regularly for worship outdoors, education, and action. We are part of a growing movement across Turtle Island (North America) of communities of Christians re-connecting to the creation-values and land covenants at the core of our tradition; we practice contemplative ecology and spiritually-rooted action.

Salal + Cedar is rooted in place, tradition and history:
  • Seeking transformative encounters with the species and geography of the Fraser River to Salish Sea basin and the wider Cascadia bioregion
  • Exploring wilderness, sustainability, and justice themes in Christian scriptures and Anglican social teaching through study and worship
  • Learning about our roots and roles individuals and as a church, in the multi-racial, labour and Indigenous-Settler history of lower-mainland British Columbia
Salal + Cedar is a community for people in and around Vancouver who:
  • Have a heart for creation
  • Feel most connected to God in ocean, forest, river and field
  • Are deeply concerned about global climate change
  • Want to bring their faith to work for ecological justice
  • Are environmental activists but keep their faith quiet
  • Believe racial justice, economic justice and environmental justice are connected

Watershed Discipleship

Ecumenically we identify with the Watershed Discipleship Movement: communities that are asking, “what does it mean to be a follower of the Jesus Way here, among the land, water, creatures and people of a particular place?” Watershed Discipleship refers both to watersheds as natural geographic divisions and to the fact that we are at a watershed moment in terms of climate crisis.

Fifth Mark of Mission

Rooted in the Anglican incarnational theology, we are part of a growing commitment to the Fifth Mark of Mission “to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth.”


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