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Sacred Acts:

Sacred Acts – Who we are
What we do

SACRED ACTS is a team of performing artists who mount events for use in education, worship and the workplace.

In every epoch the dream of creation is made manifest through words, movement and music, in fact through all the arts. SACRED ACTS offers tools and the opportunity to discover appropriate language with which to celebrate the mystery of God within the context of our culture in this time.

Alexandra Caverly Lowery, a dancer and movement therapist; Kelly Walker, a musician and writer; and Sally Armour Wotton, an actor and storyteller, are the founding team.

For over 15 years we travelled a similar path. We dreamed of an opportunity to explore arts and spirituality jointly and to involve like-minded others in that exploration. Out of that dream SACRED ACTS was born in 1992. We provide an intensive learning experience in the performing arts for use in education, worship and the workplace. This allows people to explore, open up, change and expand their horizons through music, movement and story in the spirit of an action-reflection process that leads to personal, corporate and global transformation.

SACRED ACTS, as a team of two or more, comes to you – anywhere on the globe! We can do a one-day session, a weekend, a week or two or more. We travel to wherever the need is.”

In an age when the bottom line so often forgets about the value of the person, the value of the community, the value of hope and of deep meaning; in an age when having is considered more important than being, where success is measured by control and wealth, we attempt to bring “spirit” to persons, communities and institutions through the performing arts embracing a vision of global responsibility.

Participant’s Comments:

“Sacred Acts has been, for me, a totally unexpected gift. I came to be introduced to dance, a concept totally foreign to me, only to find myself spiritually challenged as well.”
Florence Snell

“A gust of freshening wind into a stuffy, institutionalized faith.”
John Neal

“The course gave permission, ideals, skills, practice. It had depth and a most helpful articulation and expression of belief.”
Diane Cardin

“Reminded me that I am linked to all of creation and that I must honour all of creation. It helped me know that as clergy – it is more than words that count as we speak.”
Bruce Miles

“Relaxing, non threatening, fun-freeing to be as creative as you can be. It was fully worthwhile to travel a long distance to this.”
Elizabeth Becker

“Great start to get the creative thinking going -“tools” for creativity via the dramatic – many important concepts, ideas, principles, games to work with; also relaxation and breathing technique is important for life. Thanks.”
Kevin Werhoff

“All three of you have created a circle in which it has been safe to laugh and cry. You have helped me tap what is authentic, a pureness of heart I haven’t felt since childhood.”
Lila Zimmer

“I was stretched in body, mind and spirit….I doubt I will ever be a Kelly, Alexandra or Sally, but I think I will be a more aware me.”
Paul Mullen

For more information please contact Sally Armour Wotton.