Royal School of Church Music (Canada) (The)


The Royal School of Church Music (Canada)

What is the RSCM?

The R.S.C.M. is a worldwide organization giving help and encouragement to all conerned with the ministry of music: directors, choirs, clergy, congregations. While originally founded within the Church of England, it now encompasses all member denominations of the World Council of Churches and the Roman Catholic Church. R.S.C.M. has more than 8,000 affiliated churches, schools, colleges and friends on six continents.

Choral Festivals

Publications: Music

Journal: Church Music Quarterly

Graded Curriculum: Young Choristers

Courses for Overseas Students:

Six week Royal School of Church Music Courses (Summer/England)


RSCM in Canada

The RSCM in Canada is in the process of setting up a national executive.

At present, there are three branches: Toronto, Eastern Ontario, and Niagara and Huron, each of which has their own website:

Toronto branch
Eastern Ontario branch
Niagara and Huron branch

For more information please visit the website.