Prison Fellowship Canada

Suite 5700, 100 King Street West
TorontoONM5X 1C7
Phone: 416.915.4102
Fax: 416.915.4103
Toll-free: 1.877.858.2891


Who We Are

Much like you, we are ordinary people capable of making extraordinary contributions.

We have stepped up to do the transforming work of justice in Canada. We provide witness and role modelling for those whose lives have been impacted by crime.

Like you, we are not soft on crime – we want to know that people who are rightly caught and sentenced won’t threaten us again. However, we have a deep and abiding belief that justice is not punishment and that vengeance only leads to the ill health of victim and community.

We believe that justice is a matter of right relationship; and behavioural change is one of the few things that can deter people from committing crime, and lead to healing within individuals, families and communities.


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