Wycliffe College

Wycliffe College/University of Toronto: Wycliffe College is an evangelical Anglican community of learning within the University of Toronto. Academic Programs: Theology Online Courses Summer School Continuing Education Institute of Evangelism Resources (print and other media) For more information please visit the website.

Wycliffe Wellness Project (The)

A tool for flourishing in ministry The Wycliffe Wellness Project aims to assist those—of all denominations—who engage in Christian ministry to gain a deeper understanding of their job-related stresses, and of the things they need to flourish—both personally and in ministry. A long-term study and assessment tool, the Project is about better understanding the ups …
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Yale Divinity School

Yale Divinity School: Yale University Divinity School is interdenominational and completely non-sectarian. Since 1971, Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, an Episcopal seminary, has been affiliated with Yale University Divinity School. The Institute of Sacred Music was founded in 1973. It is affiliated with both the School of Music and the Divinity School. Summer Term at …
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  YouVersion YouVersion is the online Bible website for YouVersion, makers of the free Bible App™, with all of the same tools: Bookmarks, Plans, Notes, and more.   About YouVersion Relevancy In generations past, the access people had to the Bible was very limited. Today, this is no longer the case. However, many people who …
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