Anglican Religious Communities

Anglican Religious Communities: Online Educational Resources Directory of Anglican Religious Communities in the Anglican Communion, with information on each group. For more information please visit the website.

Anglican World

Anglican World magazine Anglican World brings you stories about the Anglican Communion’s life and mission from around the globe. Published quarterly, in full colour, it contains news, features, interviews and more. And it is delivered to your door for just £2.50 a quarter. Why not take a look at a selection of features from our latest …
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Anglicans Online

Anglicans Online: Online Educational Resources Site recommended for those who wish to be well informed on a regular basis concerning the Anglican Communion. Letter weekly Anglican Communion News Centre Basics of Anglican Beliefs Dioceses and Parishes (International) Vacancies Centre Links For more information please visit the website.

Anna Racine: Workshops, Retreats and Spiritual Direction

The Wounded Healer Since 2015, Anna Racine has been creating unique and enriching Workshop and Retreat experiences for participants to enjoy. What started out as a personal journey and weekend Workshop has grown into offering transformative Workshops and Retreats that have changed lives. Anna offers Workshops and Retreats to address all aspects and every interest.  Contact Anna and …
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Appalachian Ministries Educational Resource Center (AMERC)

The Appalachian Ministries Educational Resource Center (AMERC): The Appalachian Ministries Educational Resource Center (AMERC) is an ecumenical non-profit organization devoted to preparing church leaders for effective ministry in Appalachia and other rural areas. Courses Seminars Online Guide to AMERC Resources Newsletter: Mountains of Ministry (twice each year) For more information please visit the website.

Archbishop of Canterbury

Archbishop of Canterbury: Dr.Rowan Williams Dr. Williams, a distinguished scholar, has written books on the history of theology and spirituality and published collections of articles and sermons, as well as two books of poetry. He was elected as Archbishop of Canterbury on July 23, 2002 and confirmed as 104th Archbishop of Canterbury on December 2, …
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Archbishop of York

Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu Welcome This is the official website of the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu. Biography Elected as Archbishop of York 21 July 2005 Confirmed as 97th Archbishop of York on 5 October 2005 in St Mary-le-Bow, London Inaugurated 30 November 2005 in York Minster. Office of the Archbishop Sermons, …
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Arthur Turner Training School

Arthur Turner Training School (Diocese of the Arctic): This theological school had its beginning within what used to be a hospital in Pangnirtung. A number of graduates now serve within the Diocese of the Arctic. Theological School-Diocese of the Arctic For more information please visit the website.

Ascend Leadership Project

Ascend Leadership Project   Our Name The “Ascend Leadership Program” takes its name from two places, the Ascension of Jesus, and the adventure that is the spiritual life. After the Resurrection, Jesus led the disciples to a mountain just outside of Jerusalem.  The Gospels of Matthew and Luke tell us that He commanded them to go forth and make …
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