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Outward Bound Canada:

What Is Outward Bound Canada?

Outward Bound Canada is a not-for-profit charitable educational organization and an inspected independent School. Outward Bound courses are challenging, exhilarating journeys that take place in Canada’s most beautiful wilderness – from the majestic peaks of B.C.’s Coast Mountains to the solitude of northern Ontario’s boreal forest, to the extraordinary white water rivers of the Yukon.

The wilderness will be your classroom. The lakes, rivers, forests, mountains, and ocean provide the challenges. Other challenges are more subtle, such as developing your leadership skills or learning to work effectively as a member of a team.

The rewards come from meeting these challenges and accomplishing what you thought was impossible. Students not only learn the technical skills demands by travel in the wilderness, but they also develop long lasting attributes that are the hallmark of Outward Bound, such as adaptability, responsibility, confidence, integrity, persistence, and the ability to work with others – qualities that will last a lifetime.

You’ll gain confidence and a new level of respect – for yourself, for others, and for the environment. It’s a total workout for the body, mind, and spirit.


For centuries, the term “outward bound” described a ship as it left the harbour and headed out to face the challenges and risks of the open sea. For the sailors, it implied commitment to a long journey, and of course, adventure. Today “Outward Bound” means much more than this.

The idea was that of Kurt Hahn, an inspired educator, instrumental in founding Gordonstoun School in Scotland, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and the United World Colleges. From his desire to ignite and sustain the inner strengths of youth, he developed a philosophy that used adventure and community service as training vehicles through which youth could mature and develop a sense of responsibility and compassion. To make such experiences available to all youth, not just private school students, Hahn sought financial support in 1941 from Lawrence Holt, a shipping executive.

The battle of the Atlantic was underway and Holt had become concerned that young sailors lacked the physical and emotional stamina to survive a lifeboat rescue.

In 1941, the first Outward Bound courses were launched in Wales with a mixture of sailors, students, apprentices and cadets. The philosophy behind Outward Bound has remained remarkably consistent over the past 50 years. Holt believed in training “not for the sea, but through the sea”. All Outward Bound programs, whether they use the sea, rivers, mountains or deserts, use the challenges and inspiration of the natural environment to bring out the best in everyone. The core values have not changed in 50 years.

In Hahn’s words: “I regard it as the foremost task of education to ensure the survival of these qualities: an enterprising curiosity, an undefeatable spirit, tenacity in pursuit, readiness for sensible self denial, and above all, compassion.”

Corporate Programs:

Custom-designed courses for professonals (Leadership Training, Professional Development)


Outward Bound is the recognized leader in providing powerful learning opportunities for people in business, non-profit and government organizations. For nearly twenty years Outward Bound Canada has been developing and delivering Action Based Learning progrmas. Participants in our courses make important discoveries about their capabilities and potential. Our professional services are designed to help your people and your company achieve success. We can help your organization and its people achieve their greater potential by

Enchancing leadership effectiveness

Creating and maintaining high performing teams

Successfully navigating change process

Renewing and energizing individuals, teams, and divisions

Increasing alignment of strategic direction

Creating an environment conducive to risk taking, innovation, and creativity

Promoting greater social and environmental responsibility

Providing orientation programs for new employees

Building effective relationships and alliances with customers, vendors, and other stakeholders

Other Programs:

Outward Bound offers a wide variety of programs.

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