New Leaf Network

(Virtual organization at no fixed address)

We’re a collaborative, relational and creative missional organization that supports, equips and connects church planters, spiritual entrepreneurs and missional practitioners in post-Christian Canada.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or leading an existing community, we want to help you start something new right here on Canadian soil.

We’ve got a hunch that our ever-increasing post-Christian culture is begging for new forms of Jesus-centered cultural engagement, neighbourhood connection and mission innovation. We believe it’s time for Canadian Jesus-followers to unite together, equip each other, cultivate our voice and start something new from coast-to-coast.

Through online collaboration spaces, interactive learning workshops, events, story-telling and specialized coaching, this growing collective of Canadian, Jesus-centred leaders is a community of innovators, both church and lay leaders, working to lead from the emerging future.

New Leaf is shaped and guided by a co-creative and partnered effort of a Staff Team, Stakeholders Group and Board of Governance.

Together, these groups represent involvement from across the Wesleyan, Baptist, Reformed, Holiness, Anglican, Charismatic, Anabaptist, and other traditions.

The Staff Team is responsible for catalyzing the initiative, providing overall vision and direction, and cultivating partnerships with like-minded groups on national and regional levels.