Network of Biblical Storytellers Canada


The Network of Biblical Storytellers CANADA is an affiliation of people who practise the art and discipline of telling Christian scripture by heart. Guided by God to deepen our understanding of the Word, our mission is: to encourage everyone to learn and tell scripture by heart.

We are a network of people committed to Biblical Storytelling who span the nation. Because we are diverse and widespread, we have chosen to use the online forum for all our network gatherings.

The Annual Festival of Telling

Every year, storytellers from across Canada, along with India, the USA and abroad, gather to hone their storytelling skills and repertoire in a 2 1/2-day Festival of Telling – and you are invited!

Learn more about the festival and register to attend.

Throughout the year

Members of the NBSC gather online for Biblical Telling training workshops, story theatres and other events on a monthly basis.