Nashotah House Theological Seminary

2777 Mission Road
Nashotah, Wisconsin 53058
Phone: 262-646-6500

Nashotah House Theological Seminary

About Nashotah House

In 1841, under the direction of Bishop Jackson Kemper, three newly ordained deacons journeyed west and founded Nashotah House as a mission to the American frontier. The following year, a seminary opened with three students. These modest beginnings are witnessed today in the original Red Chapel where the early seminary community worshiped, nestled along the shore of Upper Nashotah Lake.

In 1847, Nashotah House received its formal charter from the Wisconsin territorial legislature as a college of “piety and learning.” From its humble inception, the mission of the House, then, as now, is to prepare men and women to proclaim boldly and clearly the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Chapel is at the heart of the community, and, as a seminary of longstanding tradition, we are dedicated to the Anglican heritage of daily prayer and worship. Every day begins and ends in the Chapel with daily offices of Morning and Evening Prayer as well as the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

In a small, closely knit community of intentional prayer, Nashotah House instills traditional values and a commitment to spreading the Word of God. Mission takes form in education and outreach, creating new experiences and opportunities in the communities and parishes Nashotah House serves. Here, a focus on mission instills a passion for ministry to make a difference in the world.

This difference is achieved by the men and women who have been trained at Nashotah House to articulate the Gospel with intelligence and clarity. They foster the growth of the Church and nurture God’s people in the saving graces of Jesus Christ.

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