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The Montreal School of Theology

Welcome to the Montreal School of Theology

Those whom God is calling to guide and build up the church in the twenty-first century will face unparalleled challenges. In view of the profound changes in the intellectual and moral outlook of contemporary societies, leading some people to speak of our time as ‘post-Christian,’ together with newly emerging patterns of the church’s global mission, the pastors, priests and ministers of the future will need to be both strong in faith and adaptable. It is to prepare students for just this sort of ministry that the Montreal School of Theology offers its unique curriculum.

The Montreal School of Theology is an ecumenical body consisting of three autonomous theological colleges affiliated with one of Canada’s leading universities, McGill University. Students of the School are registered at one of the denominational colleges (either the United Theological College or the Presbyterian College or the Montreal Diocesan Theological College) as well as at McGill. Through participation in a community of scholars dedicated to teaching and research, our students receive a solid foundation in theology. The final year of the M.Div. program is an intensive year of supervised pastoral formation, during which students integrate theology and ministry, dividing their time between the study of pastorally-oriented disciplines and the exercise of ministry. While the curriculum is thoroughly ecumenical, students are also formed in the ethos of their own ecclesial tradition as each college engages in worship according to its particular rites and provides courses, seminars and retreats designed to foster spiritual life and denominational identity.

All of this takes place in an enchanting urban context where the French and English-speaking cultures of North America meet and mingle. Added vitality is contributed by the rich diversity of ethnic and religious communities in and around Montreal. Native communities, located nearby, remind us of the heritage and aspirations of the aboriginal population. Canada’s distinctively bi-national character as well as the problems and opportunities of North American urban life are experienced here at first hand.


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