Kennedy Institute of Ethics (The)

The Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University 4th Floor, Healy Hall 37th and O Streets, NW
Washington, DC 20057
Phone: (202) 667-8099
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The Kennedy Institute of Ethics

Georgetown University

The Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Institute of Ethics was established at Georgetown University in 1971 by a generous grant from the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation. Today it is the world’s oldest and most comprehensive academic bioethics center. The Institute and its library serve as an unequalled resource for those who research and study ethics, as well as those who debate and make public policy. The Kennedy Institute is home to a group of scholars who engage in research, teaching, and public service on issues that include protection of research subjects, reproductive and feminist bioethics, end of life care, health care justice, intellectual disability, cloning, gene therapy, eugenics, and other major issues in bioethics. Institute scholars figure prominently among the pioneers of the discipline. They are extending the boundaries of the field to incorporate emerging issues of racial and gender equality, international justice and peace, and other policies affecting the world’s most vulnerable populations.

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