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JustWater has four programme partners, with many other local sites and organizations involved on their own behalf. The four key partners organizing the JustWater programme are:

St. George’s Cathedral, Cape Town
St. Paul’s Cathedral, London
Trinity Church Wall Street, New York
St. Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne

Mission Statement

The need for water is universal. It is as necessary as air to sustain life in all its forms. Many of us take access to fresh water for granted when we turn on the tap in a way that those who walk half a day to draw water from a stream cannot. Water raises issues of justice and equity as well as being rich in theological meaning. Water-related issues look different in each local context, whether these are issues of drought or flood, rising tides or access to clean water and sanitation.

Aims & Objectives

The universality of the topic together with its locally specific context make water a wonderful subject for a global conference of churches, which is why we have come together for this JustWater programme in order to:

  • Raise consciousness of local circumstances on water-related issues.
  • Nurture shared understandings, focused upon the season of Lent and World Water Day, to weave together a compelling theological vision centered on human dignity, justice, stewardship and community.
  • Provide impetus and guidance for direct action and mutual support, equipping church leaders to be active agents and advocates.
  • Deliver an integrated programme with business, science, liturgy, education and the arts to help raise awareness, deepen understanding and build a shared community for action.

The intention of our initiative is to create a programme of events with content and resources that can be shared and adapted with cathedrals and churches around the world, working hand-in-hand with business, government and charitable organizations to accomplish more together than we can on our own.

JustWater will be a resource open to all who wish to access it. Users will adapt the programme to their location depending upon interest and local relevance. Each programme will operate independently, running within a similar time frame with shared logos and using #JustWater17 to increase reach and impact.


World Water Day
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