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Journal of Anglican Studies:

The Journal of Anglican Studies sets out to be a serious conversation across particular contexts, a focus on a shared tradition and an openness to all aspects of this tradition including history, theology, worship, ethics, scripture, canon law, aesthetics, education, indeed any aspect that has a place in the tradition of Anglican faith and practice.

In this sense then the Journal of Anglican Studies offers a distinctive contribution to the understanding of Anglicanism and by implication as well our present global environment because of its focus on Anglicanism as a distinct tradition of Christina faith, its determinedly global scope and range and its attention to the multi-facetted challenge of creating a global community.

The Journal of Anglican Studies will therefore welcome contributions from every corner of the globe and from all disciplines, but especially from theology, to contribute to the clarification and renewal of this Anglican tradition of Christian faith. The Journal represents no particular or party point of view and is open to all who wish to contribute to this scholarly endeavour.

The Journal is based in Australia, where it has been brought to birth. It has established institutional links with the church structures in Australia with the Primate as ex officio Patron and the other Metropolitans as Vice Patrons. It has established an Editorial Board with membership drawn from around the world. There are some advantages in being based in Australia for the purpose of sustaining such a conversation. Australia began as a colony and its institutional conservatism has meant that much of the conceptual decolonisation going on elsewhere in the world is still required in Australia.

The Journal of Anglican Studies has been established in clearly interesting and serious times for Anglicans in order to foster a global scholarly conversation in the service of the renewal of this tradition of Christian faith.

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