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John Templeton Foundation:


The John Templeton Foundation was established in 1987 by renowed international investor, Sir John Templeton, to encourage a fresh appreciation of the critical importance – for all peoples and cultures – of the moral and spiritual dimensions of life. The Templeton foundation seeks to act as a critical catalyst for progress, especially by supporting studies which demonstrate the benefits of an open, humble and progressive approach to learning in these areas. It is the Foundation’s purpose to stimulate a high standard of excellence in scholarly understanding which can serve to encourage further worldwide explorations of the moral and spiritual dimensions of the Universe and of the human potential within its ultimate purpose.

To this end, the Foundation believes that such efforts can have enduring significance for helping make the world’s future more peaceful, more loving, more gracious, and that this perspective can help people to become more thankful for and open to the wonderful opportunities that the gift of life makes possible. Through its programs, the Foundation seeks to encourage the world to catch the vision of the tremendous possibilites for spiritual progress in an open and humble approach to life; encourage institutions of learning to incorporate training towards excellence in character in their efforts to prepare the next generation for service, to encourage growth in appreciating the potential of free societies, and to promote the understanding of the significant responsibilites associated with freedom in its several aspects, oral, spiritual, political and economic.

The foundation currently funds more than 150 projects, studies, award programs and publications worldwide.

The Templeton Prize:

The Templeton Prize For Progress Toward Research or Discoveries about Spiritual Realities

The Templeton Prize is awarded each year to a living person who shows extraordinary originality in advancing humankind’s understanding of God. First awarded in 1972, past recipients include Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Chief Rabbi of Great Britain Lord Jakobovits, Reverend Billy Graham, author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and the 1997 winner, Pandurang Shastri Athavale. Currently worth more than $1 million, The Templeton Prize is one of the largest annual prizes awarded in the world.

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