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IAS Mission

Our vision is a worldwide force of professionals working together to prevent, control and treat HIV/AIDS.

How the IAS does that, what we do to achieve that vision, can be grouped into three major concepts that form our core mission:

We connect. By convening the world’s largest meetings on HIV/AIDS, the IAS provides critical platforms for presenting new research, sharing best practices and advancing the fight against AIDS. The IAS is seeking innovative ways of leveraging the opportunities these meetings present for connecting people and resources that will advance our knowledge of this disease and better position our members in responding to the epidemic.

By connecting our members with each other, the IAS can act as a unique knowledge broker to close gaps in our understanding of the epidemic and accelerate action on HIV/AIDS. As the IAS begins supporting the development of stable regional HIV/AIDS networks around the world with a wide range of technical, logistical and administrative advice, this role will be highlighted more than ever before.

We promote. By promoting dialogue, education and networking, the IAS helps close gaps in knowledge and expertise at every level of the response. The IAS does this through its newsletter, website and other communications, through its peer-reviewed journals, and through strengthening existing initiatives that promote discussion and problem-solving, such as the Industry Liaison Forum.

New initiatives, such as the collaboration between the IAS and the Centre for Global Health Research at the University of Toronto on a Short Course on Evidence-Based HIV/AIDS Programmes, promote the application of the most current research and best practices in government policy and programme development, focusing on resource-challenged settings. Promotion of evidence, research and best practices, and advancing a policy and advocacy agenda that reflects the direction provided by our members, will be an increasingly visible part of our work in the global arena.

We mobilize. By providing support services to our members, we help them do what they do best: advancing the state of the art and expanding access to HIV prevention, treatment and impact mitigation. By engaging all professionals working in HIV/AIDS, the IAS can help empower our collective efforts in responding to the pandemic. By ensuring our members have substantive input into our planning though such projects as the Future Directions consultations, the IAS is better able to support them and ensure its work is relevant to those on the frontlines. Through our conferences, our support of regional networks, and our increasing range of online resources devoted to the most current news, information and research, the IAS is uniquely positioned to help mobilize the response to HIV/AIDS and contribute to the development of a dynamic, energized force of HIV/AIDS professionals.

These three key concepts do not stand alone; they are intricately interwoven throughout all of our activities. As the IAS embarks on an ambitious new phase in its growth, our vision and mission will serve as both guides and benchmarks in assessing our impact on the global response to this epidemic. Our members are justly proud of the extraordinary work that has been accomplished to date, but they are also aware of the many challenges before them – and the IAS – as we move forward at a critical new stage scaling up our prevention, care and treatment efforts.

The IAS has an important role to play as a respected stakeholder in the international arena; we hope our members see themselves and their aspirations reflected in our vision for the future.


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