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InterCordia Canada

Partnering with universities to build understanding across difference.

What is Intercordia?

Intercordia is a university-credited, service learning program that promotes cross-cultural understanding and moral responsiveness in students by combining theoretical instruction with overseas experiential learning.

Intercordia challenges students to discover ways in which intellectual learning and spirituality can inspire them to learn from people of differing intellectual capacity, social origin, religion and culture.

Our Values

Intercordia Canada wishes to promote in Canadian university students the value of

Building relationships across difference

Recognizing the gifts of marginalized people

Integrating conceptual and experiential learning

Moral responsiveness to suffering


Intercordia was founded at the initiative of Jean Vanier. Vanier wanted to help universities to develop credited programs aimed at training students in the practice of peace, and in the development of practical, intellectual and humanitarian skills, which would enable them to address the fundamental human problems of our time.

The Program has five (5) mandatory components:
Prerequisite Course: a social justice-related lecture course offered by the university.

Directed Reading Course: focused on the history, social structure and social justice issues of the country that the student is to visit on a three month placement.

Seminar: Five Saturdays animated by Intercordia Canada staff.

Immersion Experience: 3-month placement in a foreign country living and working with people in challenging situations.

Follow-up: 2 – 3 day reintegration retreat. Students are also encouraged, but not required, to make a public presentation about their experience.

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