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About ICHM Canada

We seek to enable understanding and vision for health and healing ministries in congregations, agencies and communities resourced by a Parish Nurse, assisting the movement toward whole person health: body, mind and spirit within relationships.


InterChurch Health Ministries (ICHM) Canada, in its 22nd year of existence, is a registered Canadian charity consisting of congregations and parishes, community groups, agencies and individuals working together to promote an understanding of the relationship between faith and health among their members and the wider community. Since 1995, this ministry has expanded in Ontario from five pilot congregations and Parish Nurses to over sixty congregations and parishes representing sixteen different denominations. We are funded by a combination of Partner and Patron fees (see Partnerships), grants, individual gifts (see Fundraising) and fundraising events. Today, InterChurch Health Ministries (ICHM) Canada is a group of Christian congregations who share the belief that in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ we have a unique responsibility and contribution to make in the health of the community.

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Our Mission

Grounded in Christian faith, InterChurch Health Ministries (ICHM) Canada fosters wholistic health in individuals and communities. We promote, educate and support Parish Nursing Ministry in Partnership with congregations.

Our Vision

A Health & Healing Ministry in every congregation: We believe that we are not so much leading the development of Parish Nursing Ministry as we ourselves are being led. We believe that Parish Nursing Ministry is a unique ministry whose time has come. We believe this is a remarkable opportunity for ministry as we creatively search for paths to take us faithfully into the future.

Our Values

Healing ministries following Christ’s example. | Wholistic health for all, encompassing the physical, psychosocial and spiritual. | Continued learning through education and support. | Congregationally driven, theologically based & mission focused health & healing ministries. | The inclusion of a parish nurse within a congregation’s ministry. | Collaborative partnerships to promote healthy communities.















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