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Institute for Anglican Ministry

The Institute for Anglican Ministry (IAM) is the extension arm of the Faculty of Theology. Its mandate is to provide training to help people articulate their faith and to equip them for ministry with a sense of confidence and integrity consistent with the heritage of the Anglican Church.

In particular, IAM provides education and training for “Total Ministry”, an approach to parish life which emphasizes the ministry of all the baptized. Through non-degree courses, the Institute helps parishes to develop ministry support teams, and to train members for specific ministries both lay and ordained.

Currently, the dioceses of Rupert’s Land and Brandon are using the IAM curriculum to foster Total Ministry in their parishes. Clergy and lay professionals from a number of dioceses are also part of a Ministry Developers’ Network supported by the Institute, with regular opportunities for training and peer review. (“Ministry developer” indicates a person working as a consultant and liaison to parishes engaged in Total Ministry, rather than as a traditional parish priest.)

Parishes, dioceses, or potential ministry developers who wish to explore the resources of the IAM are invited to contact the Director.

The Revd Dr Iain Luke has been director of the Institute since 1999, coming to us from seven years as a parish priest in Saskatchewan. He has a PhD in Economics from Cambridge, and a BA in Theology from Oxford. Iain is a participant in two Total Ministry networks: an international association of dioceses called Living Stones, and the Ministry Developers’ Collaborative which is working towards clearer recognition of the role of the ministry developer in the church at large. His academic interests are mainly in the areas of Christian social thought, ecumenism and ecclesiology (the study of the church).

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