Huron University College

1349 Western Road
LondonONN6G 1H3
Phone: (519) 438-7224
Fax: (519) 438-3938

Huron University College/The University of Western Ontario:

Programs of Study:

Degree Programs

Non-Degree Programs:

Lay Certificate in Theology:

Short-term, non-university courses on a variety of topics, for lay people

Continuing Education for Clergy:

Seminars, lectures, short-term courses for clergy and interested lay people

Ask & Imagine:

Ask and Imagine is a two week summer program for 16-20 year old Anglicans. The program started in August 1999 as the initiative of the Faculty of Theology at Huron University College in London, Ontario.

Congregational Renewal Certificate (Eastern Michigan):

Certificate in church leadership for the Diocese of Easten Michigan.

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