Gathering of Leaders

25911 Hootananny
San AntonioTX78260
Phone: (210) 570-7439

Gathering of leaders is committed to connecting young, creative, proven clergy-leaders in the Episcopal church. Through our focus on peer learning we are dedicated to church growth in both numbers and spiritual growth. Our clergy participants are both local and national leaders who connect and collaborate through our Gatherings and tools.

One of the most important aspects of Gathering of Leaders is the vast peer network you establish during by becoming a member.

The time and space lends itself to meaningful conversation, strategic planning, laughter, and vulnerability – all with a group of peers that share a similar journey

You need energy to make it through the year of ministry, care, and growth, and Gathering of Leaders cultivates that.

We structure each Gathering so you can get a renewed energy through meaningful teaching, natural conversations, a relaxed environment, and sharing stories that inspire and engage.

It seems like it is always the same old story – attend a conference only to come home with a lot of great ideas, but few ways to implement them.

Gathering of Leaders leverages real life experiences from our clergy members and through peer-learning offers real, practical, and implementable strategies that you can use in your local context.

Step 1

Be Nominated or Inquire About Membership

Members of Gathering of Leaders are peer nominated, approved by their Bishop, and recognized as thought leaders in their local and national context.

Step 2

Share a Renewed and Vibrant Ministry

Leave your first Gathering feeling inspired and eager to implement what you learned, face challenges, and grow ministries in thoughtful and powerful ways.

Step 3

Establish a Quality Peer Network

When you spend time with fellow thought-leaders you develop relationships that permeate into your daily life and ministry.