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The Fund for Theological Education:

Our Mission Statement:

The Fund for Theological Education advocates excellence and diversity in pastoral ministry and theological scholarship.

Through our initiatives, we enable gifted young people throughout the Christian community to explore and respond to God’s calling in their lives.

We seek to be a creative, informed catalyst for educational and faith communities in developing their own capacities to nurture men and women for the vocation of ministry and teaching.

We also aim to awaken the larger community to the contributions of pastoral leaders and educators who act with faith, imagination and courage to serve the common good.


The fund began in 1954 and is supported by individuals and grants from a group of U.S. foundations. It has granted nearly 5000 fellowships and has been instrumental in creating innovative new programs for theological and ministerial support.


Partnership For Excellence

Congregation-based Pastoral Leadership

Recruitment Program

Expanding Horizons Partnership

North American Doctoral Fellows

Fellowships Plus

The Fund For Theological Education coordinates three Lilly Endowment-sponsored initiatives:

Theological School Programs for Strengthening Congregational Leadership

Programs for the Theological Exploration of Vocation

Transition into Ministry Program



Newsletter: Horizons


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