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Fresh Expressions Canada

About FXCA

Building on the work of the Archbishops of Canterbury & York together with the Methodist Church in England’s initiative Fresh Expressions, Fresh Expressions Canada (FXCA) seeks to encourage the development of fresh expressions of church alongside more traditional expressions, with the aim of seeing a more mission-shaped church take shape throughout the country.

FXCA is an initiative of the Wycliffe College Institute of Evangelism with the Anglican Bishop of Montreal. The work of Fresh Expressions Canada has been endorsed by the Primate, Archbishop Fred Hiltz.

What is a fresh expression of church?

“A fresh expression of church is a form of church for our changing culture, established primarily for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church. It will come into being through principles of listening, service, incarnational mission and making disciples. It will have the potential to become a mature expression of church shaped by the gospel and the enduring marks of the church and for its cultural context.” – From Fresh Expressions, UK



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