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Who we are.

We are a community of faith dedicated to sharing our beliefs and experiences with anyone seeking answers to spiritual questions. Launched in 1999, explorefaith.org is a non-profit organization with a growing list of Partner Churches that support its mission and development. Explorefaith.org and its associates are deeply committed to ongoing spiritual formation for people of all ages and all backgrounds, living in countries around the world.

What we believe.

We believe in an embracing, forgiving and merciful God whose chief characteristic is love. We believe God is constantly reaching out to us and that we can experience the heart of God through Jesus Christ. We believe that Christ bridges the chasms that separate us from God, and we seek to follow Christ’s teachings in faith and action.

Why are we doing this?

Our sole reason for being is to provide an open, non-judgmental, private place for ANYONE interested in exploring spiritual issues. Our simple goal is to help you move along your journey in faith by providing rich and varied material about God, faith and spirituality. We celebrate diversity and respect the insights that can be gained through the wisdom of different denominations and religious traditions. Modeled upon the Episcopal approach to Christianity (open, experiential, ecumenical, emphasizing grace, forgiveness, and God’s love), Explorefaith.org displays an openness to, and appreciation of a broad range of ideas, and a concurrent belief that through Jesus Christ we can experience the heart of God.

Most importantly, explorefaith.org was conceived and is dedicated to the glory of God. Following the model of Christ’s ministry, we hope to engage you where you are in your own distinct and separate yearnings for God, without barriers, pre-conditions or exclusions. We strive to be companions on your journey, offering food for thought and a community of fellow seekers. We hope that explorefaith.org will, in some measure, help you experience God’s love for all humanity.

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