Episcopal Women’s History Project

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Episcopal Women’s History Project

Episcopal Church, USA

Statement of Purpose

To promote and encourage research, writing and publication in all matters touching upon the history of women in the Episcopal Church; To promote and encourage the collection and preservation of records and other artifacts of interest pertaining to such history; To foster and promote public knowledge of interest in such history.

To this end the Episcopal Women’s History Project

Records and Transcribes oral histories of noteworthy Episcopal women who have made a difference.

Encourages research and publication of the lives and works of Episcopal women, past and present.

Honors Episcopal women living or dead through the annual “All Saints” appeal.

Raises the consciousness of the Episcopal Church and others about the historic place of women in the Church.

Encourages the “Save a Life” project of raising up women who have been significant in local parishes.

Researches the roles of women in the world mission of the Episcopal Church.

Provides speakers and workshop leaders to help Diocesan or Provincial groups revisit histories of Episcopal women.

Discovers and Inventories sources and publications for use by researchers.




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