Episcopal House of Prayer (The)

PO Box 5888
Collegeville MN 56321-5888
Phone: (320) 363-3293
Fax: (320) 363-2074

The Episcopal House of Prayer:

Our mission is:

Assisting in the ongoing work of discerning God’s voice, both within ourselves and in the world

Providing guidance in the search for wisdom

Teaching forms of contemplative prayer

Offering training in the inner work of the spiritual life

Our Scriptures tell us, humanity has been created in “God’s image.” The ongoing work of the Christian is, then, a spiritual revolution which involves detaching from the false illusions of “self” in order to take hold of the new, True Self, that has been created in God’s likeness. Recognizing that the wisdom of recreation through spiritual transformation is often lost to our cultures and societies, we believe it is the vocation of the House of Prayer to support individuals and groups as they seek to be “formed into Christ.” (Galatians 4:19)

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