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Congregational Growth

This site is designed to make helpful resources available to you. Each congregation has its own identity, culture, and dynamics, so it will be important for you to review the material and choose what best suits your particular needs and context. For example, one way to look at congregational life is to focus on Congregational Health. Healthy congregations are essential to reflect Christ’s love in the world. A healthy church GROWS:

as a cohesive community of faith,

as a deep spiritual resource for all seekers,

in the faith and maturity of its members,

as a strong witness to the world,

and if the demographics allow, it will grow numerically.

Numerical growth and congregational vitality are not necessarily synonymous. However, mission-focused, effective churches “tend to grow as a consequence of what they offer their members” (Posterski, 1993), and much depends upon geographic and demographic context (Demographic Changes). Our call remains: “Here I am. Send me.”


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