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Davidson Center for the Professions



The Center’s mission is to be a national and regional center

Where spiritual leaders can find:


By providing clergy and church professionals access to spiritual, mental health, and health services to avoid vocational burnout and nourish personal wholeness.


For those who have given lives of service but feel they are no longer supported in their work and may be questioning their calls to ministry.


For clergy and church professionals who are experiencing a stressful situation in their ministry.

The Davidson Clergy Center is founded on the belief that God calls real people to the ministry, persons who have the same strengths and weaknesses as those they serve. DCC seeks to provide an opportunity to develop the tools necessary for personal wholeness so individuals may joyfully give and use their gifts within a balanced life.


Davidson Clergy Center

Davidson Clergy Center is founded on the belief that God calls real people to the ministry, persons who have the same strengths and weaknesses as those they serve.

Foundations, churches, synods, dioceses, pollsters, and individuals have conducted intensive and probative research on the subject of “clergy burnout” and why mature ministries, as well as new, have such high incidences of disappointment and exhaustion. Most clergy believe they can “weather the storm” of discontent by seeking guidance from sympathetic friends, filling schedules with worthwhile ventures, or relocating to fresh and vibrant congregations.

There are many reasons why caring and intelligent pastors feel ineffective in their calls. This dissatisfaction often has ripple effects in congregations and families, on creativity and self-esteem.

Several years ago, the concept of DCC was an ongoing topic in the household of co-founders George and Gordon Jacobs, who were experiencing a church community that was mismatched with their strengths, vision, and talents; consequently, instead of a joyous ministry, it became a disappointing and lonely pastorate for the family as underlying stress grew.

As she saw her husband struggling, Gordon began to search for counselors, support groups, or programs that could address the stresses associated with clergy and their families. Finding professional counselors and help for their particular situation became frustrating and required many telephone hours of research and referral.

Discussing their difficulties, they wished they had had an opportunity to hear from others who had gone through or were going through similar experiences, and could give encouragement and share the way they dealt with stress within their congregations. They agreed there “should be a place . . .”

So began several years of planning and building. The Jacobs, community leaders, educators, pastors, therapists, spiritual leaders, and others began envisioning a center where clergy could come together to find personal renewal, recommitment, or restoration. The five-day program, support groups, and concept of DCC became a reality as experienced and dedicated individuals envisioned such a place.

Established organizations—the Methodist Counseling and Consultation Service (MCCS), Carolinas Health Care Systems, and the Charlotte Metropolitan YMCA came together—each bringing their trained personnel, experience, and services to a program for the care and nurture of clergy.

Believing a successful center goes far beyond the strength of any individual personality, a talented group formed a board of directors and began investing in building the Davidson Clergy Center.


Five-Day Comprehensive Renewal Program

Three-Day Renewal Program

Consultation Groups and Seminars

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