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The Community of the Cross of Nails-North America:

The Community of the Cross of Nails (CCN) is a world-wide community of individuals and groups, who share a commitment to a practical vision of reconciliation and a genuine intention to live a disciplined Christian life.

It springs directly from the united efforts of the community of Coventry Cathedral in Coventry, England, since the loss of the old Cathedral under attack from the air in 1940, throughout the period of destruction and the incitement to bitterness which followed World War II.


Members of the CCN live within the framework of a spiritual discipline that assumes that reconciliation includes inner as well as outer reconciliation. The person who takes his or her own inner conflict to prayer, study, and spiritual friendship is more likely to breed a spirit of reconciliation in the work of ministry. Thus the ministry of reconciliation is the entering into the chaos of conflict, from the struggles within one’s own soul to the friction of hostile nations.

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