College of the Resurrection (The)

Stocksbank Road
Mirfield, West Yorkshire, WF14 OBW
Fax: 01924 492738

The College of the Resurrection

Mission Statement

The College of the Resurrection is a community of men and women engaged in theological study in the context of a shared life centred on the liturgy.

The College’s primary responsibility is the training and formation of Anglican candidates for priesthood.

Please note that the College does not train women candidates for ordination, but that female non-ordinands are very much welcome.

Leeds University

From its beginning the College has been an affiliated college of the University of Leeds. In the University the Department of Theology & Religious Studies has special strengths in contextual theology, Christian mission and the study of the major religious traditions. The College benefits greatly from association with the Department through close co-operation, teaching and learning resources and personal friendships. Students on recognised undergraduate or graduate programmes are registered students of both the College and the University of Leeds. As such they have access to all Student Union facilities, libraries and language centres.

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