College of Emmanuel & St. Chad (The)

1121 College Drive
SaskatoonSKS7N 0W3
Phone: (306) 975-3753
Fax: (306) 934-2683

The College of Emmanuel & St. Chad/University of Saskatchewan:

Emmanuel & St. Chad Theological College is affiliated with the University of Saskatchewan. It is the Theological College for the (Anglican) Province of Rupert’s Land.

An Integrated Program of Academic Study and Pastoral Experience

Tutorial Groups; Contextual Field Education; Parish Internship; Growth of corporate and personal spirituality strongly recommended and encouraged.

The Diploma in Indigenous Anglican Theology

Dr. William Winter School for Ministry

Summer School for lay persons:

The school is intended to offer a “seminary experience” to lay members of the church who find themselves in leadership roles within their congregations and communities.

The Saskatoon Institute For Pastoral Education:

Clinical Pastoral Education:

The Saskatoon Institute for Pastoral Education (SIPE) is a cluster of three institutions, Lutheran Sunset Home of Saskatoon, St. Martin’s United Church and St. Paul’s Hospital, all of which offer Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and which have come together as a result of their commitment to providing quality supervised pastoral education opportunities.

Theological Education at a Distance Program:

A program of guided independent study

Spring Festival

Funding Grants:

Limited financial assistance available through the College

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