Centre for Rural Community Leadership and Ministry

Suite 37 - 114 Seminary Crescent
SaskatoonSKS7N 0X3
Phone: 306-966-7864

Centre for Rural Community Leadership and Ministry

Mission & Vision

Our central purpose is rural ministry leadership development. CiRCLe M will equip rural clergy and lay leaders to help their churches be catalysts for the development of healthy rural communities in Canada. It will develop and coordinate instruction, research, mentors, materials, and conferences towards this purpose. It will work to build bridges between rural churches and other institutions/organizations concerned with the well-being of rural communities including: church structures of various denominations, rural community development programs (both academic and government-based), government rural health initiatives, the Canadian Rural Church Network, and other partners.


a place where clergy and lay leaders can get training that is specifically geared to rural contexts

rural congregations well-equipped to work with businesses, schools, health care facilities and other churches to address the needs of their communities.

rural church leaders having useful tools to help change the “palliative care” “we’re just hanging in there till we die” mindset of some congregations into a vital mission-oriented perspective

solid research being done on the ways in which rural churches are already catalysts for hope and health in their communities

a Centre that helps church governance structures to recognize and value rural churches

remote aboriginal churches able to get training for their leadership in an accessible distance format

seminaries having a resource they can draw on to give their students a solid theoretical and practical introduction to rural ministry

clergy new to rural settings having a trained rural mentor to help them learn the possibilities and pitfalls of rural ministry

a place where the best practices and resources for rural ministry that have been developed in all Christian denominations and parachurch organizations are gathered and shared

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