Restoring Connections is a community-based nonprofit organization founded in 1996. Our mission is to unite diverse people for spiritual transformation and social justice. Our primary strategy for effecting change puts the emphasis on mutually transformative relationships that engage people on the margins together with people of privilege in a shared project.

We achieve this through:

  • Training and supervision of volunteers, for service with justice-involved women.

  • Volunteer opportunities that emphasize relationship and skills development, such as mentoring and soul care.

Our Mission

Restoring Connections unites diverse people for spiritual transformation and social justice.

Our vision

We envision a world in which everyone has a place and a voice at the table.

Our Values

  • We recognize the inherent dignity of every person and honor that dignity in all circumstances.

  • We foster mutually transformative relationships between those who are poor and those who are not poor and know that it is through these relationships that community life is strengthened and healed.

  • We support and encourage the development of skills and leadership by people on the margins and those most impacted by injustice.

  • We train and serve in order to address the root causes of suffering.

  • We understand work to be an expression of self and of our connectedness to community. It is inventive and transformative activity with the potential to create a more just society.

  • We appreciate the value of partnerships in building social justice.

Our goals

  • To uphold the dignity of every person in practical and concrete ways

  • To serve as a bridge between persons of influence and those who are marginalized for their mutual transformation

  • To provide training and continuing education for effective service with people who are living in poverty or are otherwise marginalized

  • To offer opportunities where individuals can explore the meaning of spirituality and its connection to work, service and societal health

  • To develop partnerships to overcome poverty and to ensure the dignity of all

Strengthening society

We have been challenged to make a fundamental ‘option for the poor’ —

  • To open channels through which people on the margins can speak for themselves

  • To stand with the defenseless and when necessary to come to their defense

  • To assess life styles, policies, and social institutions in terms of their impact on people living in poverty

This option strengthens the whole community by ensuring the participation of those whose voices have been unheard.

Non-discrimination statement

Employment, programs, services and collaborative partnerships of Restoring Connections are available to all people regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, military status or marital status.